Jody Wilson-Raybould’s father blasts Trudeau’s response to ex-attorney general’s testimony

WATCH: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday he completely disagreed with Jody Wilson-Raybould’s characterization of the events and the final decision was “the attorney general’s alone.”

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Bill Wilson had harsh words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when his daughter, Jody Wilson-Raybould, resigned from cabinet following reports suggesting that she was inappropriately pressured to help SNC-Lavalin duck a criminal prosecution.

On Wednesday, the same day that Wilson-Raybould testified before the parliamentary Justice Committee about the events that preceded her move from attorney general to the veterans affairs portfolio, Wilson again had strong words for Trudeau, accusing him of “retreating into a corner” after the prime minister said he was “definitely not in agreement” with the former minister’s account of events.

“The reality is that I believe that he will abandon her,” Wilson said.

Steve Saideman, a political science professor at Carleton University who keeps a keen eye on Canadian politics, turned to Twitter to neatly sum up the afternoon’s revelations: “Liberals ditched an Indigenous woman who was first to have such a visible and important post to pander to a corrupt company to avoid losing votes in Quebec, right?”

That’s pretty much it, professor. A prime minister who built a nice little international brand as a feminist, who preached reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples as his top priority fired a female, Indigenous justice minister because she wouldn’t help the team win some votes in Quebec. MORE



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