Canada funds first net-zero multi-res building in London

The newest addition to the West 5 sustainable community is a high-rise. (Kate Dubinski/CBC News)

The Government of Canada is investing $3.9 million toward the construction of Canada’s first net-zero, mixed-use, multi-unit residential building in the West 5 sustainable community in London, Ont. The investment is being provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program.

The residential building, Helio, hopes to demonstrate the possibility of net-zero energy for residences, and inspire change across the country’s construction industry. Net-zero buildings are designed and constructed to produce at least as much energy as what they consume on an annual basis.

“This project will demonstrate first-of-its-kind net-zero energy construction in high-rise residential buildings, making it a model for the future,” said Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Natural Resources, in a press release.

The building, which will be constructed by Sifton Properties Limited, will include a monitoring system that will be used to optimize energy-efficiency performance, which may become a boon to the industry, going forward. MORE


‘First in Canada’ sustainable apartments get federal funding boost

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