Doug Ford government loses attempt to quash cap and trade case

Greenpeace Canada and Ecojustice will see Ontario in court in April over government’s failure to consult the public after cancelling cap and trade

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Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford attends a meeting of the premiers of Canadian provinces on Dec. 7, 2018, in Montreal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the meeting. MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE/GETTY IMAGES

TORONTO, 26 January 2019 — The Ford government’s attempt to dismiss a court case against them brought by Greenpeace Canada, represented by Ecojustice, has failed. The organizations filed a lawsuit against the Government of Ontario for unlawfully failing to consult the public when it ended Ontario’s cap and trade program. In early January, the government brought a motion to stop the case, arguing that there was no point in proceeding because the regulation to revoke cap and trade is no longer in force. On Friday, the court rejected this argument and said the case should proceed.

Keith Stewart, Senior Energy Strategist with Greenpeace Canada, said:

“We are eager for Doug Ford’s government to have to answer for their actions over cap and trade, and glad that Greenpeace will get our day in court to protect the environment and Ontarians’ democratic rights. This is an important reminder that not even Doug Ford is above the law.”

Professor Amir Attaran, lawyer for the Ecojustice-uOttawa Environmental Law Clinic, said:

“The Ford government broke the law when it illegally failed to consult the public. We’re going to court to remind Premier Ford that winning an election does not give his government carte blanche to ignore the legal rights of Ontarians to be consulted on major changes to the laws and regulations that protect them from climate change.


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