Prince Edward County could be carbon emissions free by 2030

Prince Edward County is one of the best sites in Canada for wind energy

Save The White Pines Wind Project

Wind energy is now the lowest cost, emissions-free, energy available.  Ignoring this, the Conservative government, backed by a very successful campaign by fossil fuel interests and supported by local resisters, have cancelled the County’s White Pines Wind Project with four of the nine turbines up and ready to capture wind energy. The previous Liberal government had also bowed to misguided political pressure and arbitrarily cancelled the  offshore Trillium Wind Power project.

Wind Path

Wind Speed

Wind Power Density

Together, Trillium Power’s 4 projects will generate approximately 3.5 GW (3,500 MW) of clean, reliable and affordable energy for all Ontarians. The White Pines Wind Project consists of 9 wind turbines with a nameplate capacity of 18.45 megawatts (MW).

Trillium is suing the Province for $500 million. The  White Pines  says the cost of the cancellation of their project is $100 million.

Times change. As Jennifer Ackerman says in the County Sustainability movie, Up in the Air, “This is huge!”

The development of blockchain technology and the availability of lowest-cost, carbon-free wind energy now offers an unique opportunity to Prince Edward.  By developing a County microgrid system based on blockchain technology the County could now customize local energy demands, and grid disturbances like power outages can also be minimized. They can make a power grid greener, more cost efficient and more reliable.  By taking full advantage of our wind resources, farmers deploying wind energy would receive a reliable, consistent source of funds so that they could  concentrate on sustainable farming practices.  Local residents would see a low-cost, stable energy price. Electrification of transportation would now be available. Heating homes with electricity would enjoy a renaissance. Homeowners with solar and/or e-cars, and those with solar contracts about to expire before 2030, would be able to sell their energy  back to the microgrid. Prince Edward would be extremely attractive to businesses seeking to relocate  or start up because of reliable, low-cost energy available in a progressive, sustainable community.

The deployment of wind power and solar power combined with blockchain technology would make a carbon-free energy target by 2030 possible.

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