Together, we are starting to build a Canada for the many.

He’s intentionally misleading voters about the drop in gas prices.

Doug Ford and his Conservative caucus have taken en-masse to Twitter to claim credit for lowering Ontario gas prices.

Their reasoning? Ending cap and trade lowered gas prices across the province. No other reason is cited for the change in price

Progressive ideas about inequality, the economy, and our planet which would have recently been dismissed out of hand are now part of the mainstream political discourse. The field is open, and we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape our future.

We created North99 to help ensure that our future is a progressive, forward-thinking one — not the one preferred by the likes of Ford and Scheer. Since its creation North99 just over 12 months ago, North99 has quickly grown to be the most engaged, and one of the largest, communities of progressive Canadians online. We have created a media ecosystem that reaches millions of Canadians with a progressive message, mobilized tens of thousands of Canadians to take action on key issues, and pressured government to enact progressive change. MORE


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