A genius way of tackling climate chaos – from one of Europe’s smallest countries

One of Europe’s smallest countries is leading the way in the fight against climate chaos. And it’s putting its larger neighbours to shame in the process.

The plan is simple – make all public transport free.

A world first

Luxembourg’s left-leaning coalition government plans to end fares on public buses, trains, and trams. The country will become the first in the world to do this. MORE

We must join forces to save the planet, prominent figures urge

We are a curse on life on Earth, even if often unwittingly so. We’re depriving wild animals of their habitats. We’re wreaking havoc with ecosystems. We’re even changing Earth’s very climate. Unless we mend our ways, and fast, we’ll soon be living on a bleak planet bereft of its once wondrous biodiversity.

So warn 100 prominent academics, politicians, authors and environmental campaigners from across the planet who have signed an open letter that calls on decision makers in powerful nations to start taking meaningful action to try and heal the planet, and life on it, before it’s too late. MORE


Coal power in Canada must disappear by the end of 2029, new regulations say

The death knell for coal−fired electricity in Canada is set to ring in just over 12 years.

Ottawa put the final regulations in effect this week with such strict pollution standards for coal−power plants that only one plant in Canada can possibly meet them. MORE