If climate scientists ruled the world

Abandon cars, reforest woodland, eat more veggies – what must humankind do immediately to stop global warming? This is what nine leading researchers told ZEIT ONLINE.

We can’t go on like this. If the Earth warms up by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, the consequences will be serious and irreversible climate changes will be set in motion,as the latest special report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showsMORE



1.5 to Stay Alive

1.5 to Stay Alive

We only have until 2030 to keep emissions to 1.5 degrees C. If we don’t, runaway feedback loops will make our planet unliveable. Write to your MP to insist they make climate change their main focus. HERE

The County Sustainability Group presents Up in the Air, a short film about the wind turbine project in Prince Edward County

Watch the movie HERE

Up in the Air is a short film about the wind turbine project in Prince Edward County. For nearly two decades, a group of County residents have been supporting wind energy initiatives. The White Pines project near Milford looks to be the answer to that quest. But with four of the nine turbines up and ready to capture wind energy, the provincial government recently halted the project. Watch the full movie HERE

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After watching the movie, all the information you need to contact your MLA’s and MPPs is on this page!

Trespassing on Treaty Rights: Saskatchewan’s Proposed Restrictions on Access

The Crown’s failure to honour the promises it made to Indigenous Peoples pursuant to the historic treaties is one of the most significant barriers to reconciliation today. This was recently made clear when the Province of Saskatchewan introduced amendments to provincial trespassing laws which would impose new limits on Indigenous Peoples’ treaty right to hunt.

Serious questions have already been raised as to whether the new legislation violates Indigenous Peoples’ constitutionally-protected treaty rights. Just as critically, if enacted the amendments will contribute to misunderstandings regarding the nature of Indigenous Peoples’ treaty right to hunt and increase the potential for further conflict. More

Parks Canada shirks UN request for review of Site C dam impacts on imperilled national park

UNESCO issued a stern warning that, in order to keep Wood Buffalo National Park off a list of world heritage sites in danger, Canada must take “major and timely” action on 17 recommendations, including an impact assessment of B.C.’s controversial megadam

Canada will not provide the UNESCO World Heritage Committee with an assessment of the impacts of the Site C dam on Wood Buffalo National Park, despite a recommendation it do so to keep the 4.5 million hectare park off a list of world heritage in danger — a list usually reserved for sites in countries facing war, poverty or disaster.

The clock is ticking towards a deadline for Canada to demonstrate to the committee that it is serious about saving Canada’s largest national park from energy development, dropping water levels and pollution. MORE

Company Linked to Tremors that Jolted Fort St. John Triggered Previous Quakes

CNRL’s waste water disposal wells linked to cluster of quakes in 2015.

Last month’s shutdown of some Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. operations after they likely triggered earthquakes was not the first time the corporation has been linked to tremors in northeastern B.C., The Tyee has learned.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission ordered the company to halt operations for 30 days last week after earthquakes rattled Fort St. John and the Site C dam project. MORE


US accused of obstructing talks at UN climate change summit

Vanuatu’s foreign minister says worst offenders on global warming are blocking progress

The United States and other high carbon dioxide-emitting developed countries are deliberately frustrating the UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland, Vanuatu’s foreign minister has said. His warning came as Pacific and Indian ocean states warned they faced annihilation if a global climate “rule book” could not brokered….

“It pains me deeply to have watched the people of the United States and other developed countries across the globe suffering the devastating impacts of climate-induced tragedies, while their professional negotiators are here at COP24 putting red lines through any mention of loss and damage in the Paris guidelines and square brackets around any possibility for truthfully and accurately reporting progress against humanity’s most existential threat,” he said. MORE