Continuation of civilisation is in your hands

The broadcaster David Attenborough told delegates at a UN climate summit: ‘If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.’ The naturalist was chosen to represent the world’s people at the summit in Poland.

Report: Risking It All: How Export Development Canada’s Support for Fossil Fuels Drives Climate Change

Ottawa, Ont. – A new report released today reveals the disconnect between Canada’s promises on climate change and the actions of its official export credit agency, Export Development Canada (EDC), in propping up the oil and gas industry.

Disclosures and analysis of transaction-level data reveals that EDC provides, on average, over $10 billion in government-backed support for oil and gas companies every year. Between 2012 and 2017, EDC provided twelve times more support for oil and gas than it did for clean technologies. In the first two years of the current government, EDC provided more support for oil and gas (22.4 billion) than was provided during the last two years of the previous government (20.9 billion).

“To avoid the worst impacts of a warming world, financial flows must shift rapidly away from fossil fuels, but when it comes to Canada’s government-backed public finance, we’re seeing just the opposite,” said Alex Doukas, Program Director for Oil Change International. “This money should be used in ways that deliver public benefits, but instead, it’s being used to pour gasoline on the climate change fire.” READ MORE


Déjà vu all over again: The NEB’s Taxpayer Mountain Pipeline redo

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Like the song goes, “Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before”: the National Energy Board’s new review of the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project is repeating the same mistakes as last time. From the tight timeline and scope to excluding the public at “public” hearings, this process is giving us a serious case of déjà vu.

West Coast Environment Law Staff Lawyer Eugene Kung examines the flaws in the NEB’s Trans Mountain do-over and the potential for Canada to end up back in court.  READ MORE