1.5 to Stay Alive!

We only have until 2030 to keep emissions to 1.5 degrees C. If we don’t, runaway feedback loops will make our planet unliveable. Write to your MP to insist they make climate change their main focus. HERE

This is serious.It isn’t just a publicity stunt. It is your family’s future that is at stake. 
Politicians by and large are not acquainted with the consequences of future temperature instability. If they were, they wouldn’t be advocating to build pipelines; to expand the tar sands ecocide; to ignore the threat posed by toxic tailings ponds; to grant permits that increase fracking; to funnel huge hidden subsidies to  the fossil fuel industry.

It is really important that each member of your family steps up now and starts sending emails/letters to our MPs demanding action.

An email is quick; a letter is more effective. It’s important that each of you now start inviting ALL members on your contact list to do the same.

We have to make sure our politicians are aware of what’s at stake.  We have to show them that the public demands action to minimize climate instability. We want a credible plan complete with targets.

A suggestion.

Given the stakes, the very least each of us can do is commit  to writing one email a week demanding action. It doesn’t have to be long. A few lines will do. Remember 1.5C to Stay Alive!
Our website is a daily review of top news stories and full of the latest issues regarding climate mitigation. Lot’s of stuff here to wake up your MP!
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Please write a short letter and post it now. Please invite people on your contact list.  Commit to setting aside 5 minutes a day for the planet.
Find your MP by postal code.
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You can also let these Ontario Government officials hear from you:

Complete list of Members of Parliament emails

Complete list of  Ontario MLAs emails